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Selling Your Home, Refinancing or Buying a New Home

Don’t Let an Oil Tank Delay the Closing of Your Home Sale

Make sure that the tank has been decommissioned before you sell or purchase your home. We realize when you are preparing your home for sale the last thing you want to deal with is an oil tank. Seattle Tank Services can provide you a dependable plan that is ideal for your budget while saving you money, time and any hassles.

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Two Easy Steps

  1. Call us and our courteous staff will explain the process to you step by step and answer all your questions or click for a free estimate.
  2. Once you have authorized the proposal, Seattle Tank Services will apply for the permits (if applicable), schedule the inspection (if applicable), and complete the job.

Heating Oil Tank Decommissioning Services

Pump, Clean & Filling

Ideal for: closing in-place, underground tanks

Seattle Tank Services pumps heating oil out of your underground storage tank and triple-rinses the tank. Structural foam, sand, or cement slurry is then put into the tank. The fill and vent pipes are cut off or capped. Once complete and payment received in full, you will be provided a Decommissioning Certificate.

Above Ground Tank Removal

Ideal for: property owners who want their oil tank gone once and for all.

The above ground oil tank is pumped out and removed. The tank is then transported to an approved site, where it’s cut, cleaned and scrapped according to the highest environmental standards.

Tank Removal

Ideal for: property owners who want their underground oil tank gone once and for all.

Our crews at Seattle Tank Services show the greatest respect for your yard while pumping any remaining heating oil out of your tank. Trained crews carefully hand-dig or machine excavate to remove the underground storage tank before transporting it to an approved site, where it’s cut, cleaned and scrapped according to the highest environmental standards.

Once the oil tank is removed, our crews can backfill and compact the hole. After the hole is filled, we can restore the area with you existing ground cover, sod or both. Many customers prefer tank removal because they never have to worry about their underground oil tank again. Once complete, you will be provided a Decommissioning Certificate.

Tank Locating

Ideal for: homeowners who aren’t sure if – or where – an abandoned underground storage tank is buried on their property.

Here are some visual clues and tips that may indicate that there is or was an underground oil tank on the property. In the basement, look for abandoned oil piping, copper fuel lines, or patch-marks on the foundation wall where such lines may have been removed. On the outside of the house, looking for an old vent pipe that is usually fastened vertically along the side of the house. The vent pipes are usually 3/4 to 1 ½ inch galvanized piping and in many cases has a cap that resembles a mushroom on the top of the piping.

As for the fuel tank fill pipe, it is protruding from the ground and the fill pipe will have a special cap that in some cases may be difficult to remove. A fill pipe will be needed to accurately measure and decommission your heating oil tank. If you locate the fill pipe, simply call us for a free estimate!

If you need more help, give our staff a call and we can answer any questions you may have. If needed, we can arrange for our technician to bring our high-powered metal detecting and tracing equipment. In some more challenging cases, ground-penetrating radar equipment may be recommended in an attempt to locate an abandoned underground heating oil tank.


Seattle Tank Services obtains all required permits and provides all needed decommissioning or closure reports.

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